As of Nov. 16, 2020, WildEarth Landscaping LLC is closing up shop.

Lynne Lucas, garden designer and owner, is fully retiring on that date.

Her parting message: “I am so grateful for these past 17 years of great clients and staff who have helped me garden, consult, design and pay my bills through the business I started: WildEarth Landscaping LLC. It officially began in 2003 as an experiment — a path to explore and grow that place where my lifelong passions for gardening and Earth stewardship could meet, merge and sometimes marry.

It worked! I met so many wonderful people, spent countless hours in the great outdoors (if too often marred by the drone of leaf blowers), and learned so much along the way. In the end, I hope I have left many a yard in a more attractive and habitat-friendly state, and homeowners with new knowledge about the importance of ecological considerations when gardening.

Thank you all so much for your trust in me.